Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a cost to attend Arlington Classics Academy?

  • Arlington Classics Academy is a tuition-free, publicly funded, and open to all K-8 charter school.

Why should my student choose Arlington Classics Academy?

  • Safe learning environment with high parent involvement
  • Students learn critical thinking skills aligned to college and career readiness
  • Small school with big impact
  • 82% of students scored at or above the grade level mean RIT for national norm in Reading and Math at the end of the ’21-’22 school year
  • Spanish as a foreign language begins in Kindergarten
  • Historically, ACA students achieved “mastered” level on the state assessment at a rate 16% higher than the state-wide average
  • Middle school students can earn up to 6.5 high school credits
  • Average 8th grader enters 9th grade with over 20% of the credits needed to graduate high school (2022)
  • Highest accountability rating from the Texas Education Agency (Since 2007)
  • Earned high ratings on the Financial Integrity Rating System of Texas (since 2014)
  • 5-star rating for producing high academic achievement while maintaining cost-effective operations (since 2015)*
  • Named to the Texas Comptrollers Honor Circle (2014)

When are applications accepted?

  • Families can apply to Arlington Classics Academy at any time during the year and will be offered a seat if there is an available opening. If there are no openings at the time of submission, all applications received after the first Friday in December for the upcoming school year will be placed on the waitlist in the order received.

Do I need to fill out an individual application for each child?

  • A family may register up to six students on one application.

What is the application timeline?

  • First Friday of November: Annual application window opens for the following school year
  • First Friday of December: Annual application window closes for the following school year
  • Mid-December: Annual lottery for available admissions
  • Early January: Notifications of openings will begin in January following the winter break. To inquire about getting on a waitlist, please contact the campus your student will attend.
  • May: Kindergarten assessments, 6th grade orientation
  • July/August: New parent family universities
  • Early August: School year begins

How are students selected for openings?

  • After the open enrollment period closes, the Charter School Admission Application forms will be sorted by grade and counted. If the number of completed forms for a grade is less than or equal to the number of openings for that grade, all students who have submitted the forms will be offered admission. However, if the number of completed forms for a grade exceeds the number of openings for that grade, there will be a lottery. The lottery will determine which students are offered admission and the waitlist order for the remaining students.

If one child is offered an opening, will all siblings be offered a seat as well?

  • ACA strives to admit all siblings together and siblings will be considered first to fill any existing openings. ACA does not guarantee that multiple siblings will be accepted at the same time. It may be necessary that a sibling must remain on the waiting list until an opening is available for a specific grade level.

How can I verify my application was received?

  • A confirmation email will be sent to the email address submitted on the application. If you did not receive a confirmation, please contact the campus your student will attend.

If my child is on the waiting list, what are the chances of an opening becoming available?

  • While ACA cannot make any guarantees, openings do occasionally become available either before or after the start of school.

If my student did not get accepted this year, will I need to fill out a new application for the upcoming year?

  • Yes, waitlists are retired at the end of each school year. If your student did not receive placement during the year, please reapply in November for the upcoming school year.