Why Choose ACA?

  • Over 80% of ACA students meet or exceed the national mean on norm reference assessment
  • Spanish as a foreign language begins in Kindergarten
  • ACA students achieved “mastered” level on the state assessment at a rate 16% higher than the state-wide average
  • Middle school students can earn up to 6.5 high school credits
  • Average 8th grader enters 9th grade with over 20% of the credits needed to graduate high school (2020)

  • Highest accountability rating from the Texas Education Agency (Since 2007)
  • Earned a perfect score on the Financial Integrity Rating System of Texas (since 2014)
  • 5-star rating for producing high academic achievement while maintaining cost-effective operations (since 2015)*
  • Named to the Texas Comptrollers Honor Circle (2014)

*Not all performance ratings, assessments and programs were conducted during the 2019/2020 school year due to Covid-19.